Customer Testimonials from Ron's Pickin' Parlor

Customer Testimonials

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4961 Rushing Rd
Stanfield NC 28163

Below are testimonials and pictures
from happy Ron's Pickin' Parlor customers.
If you are a previous customer, we would
like to hear your comments.  Email us at

Tim E.
with his

New Collings MF5

from the country of Columbia,
with his

New Eastman AR403CE Electric Guitar     

Timothy B.
with his

New Sullivan V35 Maple with Speed Neck

"Although I live in an area with easy access to several music and violin shops, not one of them carried the fiddle outfit I was looking for. An internet search led me to Ron's Pickin Parlor. A phone call was all it took to feel comfortable with the store staff and I could tell they were very knowledgeable about the instruments they sell and the one I wanted in particular.  They took my order over the phone and my Eastman fiddle arrived in perfect condition just a few days later. It was all set up, perfectly tuned, and Ron had even rosined the bow for me! I can't really imagine ever needing another fiddle, but if I ever do, I will definitely call Ron's Pickin Parlor again. I highly recommend Ron's Pickin Parlor for all of your fiddle needs.

I am really enjoying my new fiddle." -Elizabeth S., Forest Hill, Maryland

Steve M.
with his

New Collings CJ41

Ethan T.
with his

New Kentucky KM 380

"Everyone who gave me advice about buying a guitar said NOT to buy online, but to visit a store and actually play the instrument.  Unfortunately, the guitar that I was looking for (Walden O550) was not in any of our local shops.  I found Ron's Pickin' Parlor online and sent them a message about the guitar.  Immediately I got a reply from Ron telling me he had the guitar in stock,  would set it up and send it to me  -- with free shipping from North Carolina to California!)  He let me know as soon as it shipped and it arrived very well packaged and ready to play.  It is exactly as described and just exactly what I was looking for.  I only wish I lived closer to this store so I could patronize them more often.  This was a wonderful and easy shopping experience, and a pleasure to deal with such great folks. 

Thanks, Ron!"  -  Ellen K., California

Andrew K. and his friend, Rachel

"We had made plans to travel to Merlefest from Western Australia and I decided this would be a good opportunity to buy a new banjo. So I hit the internet and looked for a retailer as near to Merlefest as possible and up came Ron's Pickin Parlor. Ron rang Deering and convinced them that they could and should make a left handed Eagle II within the 5 or 6 weeks. 

Ron's service was outstanding, nothing was too difficult, it was extremely generous of him to drive the 2 hours to Merlefest to deliver this fabulous instrument which I love playing, learning every time I pick it up and his easy going and friendly nature made the whole experience delightful.

I would thoroughly recommend Ron to anyone who has a music need to be met - if he can organize a left handed banjo to be made and delivered in 5 or so weeks (via conversations thousand of miles away)  then anything else is just a snip.

Thanks again Ron!" -Andrew K., Australia

"Buying an instrument on line without physically touching or hearing it can really turn into a bad experience. Ron's assessment of the Eastman AC320B I purchased was exactly what he said it was and exactly what I was looking for, plenty of volume with mid-range that has a punch. Ron went as far as to play the guitar over the phone for me at 9:00 at night. How is that for service? Awesome!" -James C., Florida

Tucker and Emory
with their
New Eastman 305 Mandolin

Mikayla & her dad
with her
New CV300 H. Luger Violin

"I got the Blue Chip today in the mail. Fantastic pick, I never had any idea that it would make this much difference in the tone of my RB75 !! Much more cleaner tone on the 5th, 4th, and 3rd strings and seems to even out the strings when I dig into them. Playing up the neck is also much more cleaner and powerful as well, it is a little different feel on the thumb, but that will work itself out with time I am sure.
Thanks for the help." -Kent E., Garland, North Carolina

"Talk about hard to find, I play left-handed and when it comes time to finding a new instrument, especially a mandolin, now that's a job.

Nevertheless I picked up the phone not long ago and started checking my sources, many of whom laughed and said "Good Luck". Thank goodness that was not the case when I called Ron's Pickin' Parlor in Stanfield, NC.

Ronnie Hatley was just like an old shoe. He laughed and said "Let me make a call or two, I think I know where I can find just what you're looking for". He was referring to an Eastman 915 … left-handed … sunburst finish (beautiful and then some) complete with case and setup. I told him how I liked the action set and he did all the rest. In just a few days, the Fedex truck pulled up to my door in Nashville, and the rest is history.

It plays great, it looks great, it sounds great and Ron made it all happen so easily.

I highly recommend Ron's Pickin' Parlor when you're looking for your next instrument." -Jerry Abbot, Abtrax Recording, Nashville, TN

"Hey Ron.  Sorry to get back to you so late.  Been busy playing my new guitar!  Actually I have been busy repairing hail damage to my house!  But I have been playing my Eastman too.  I just wanted to thank you for a great deal on a great guitar.  I am completely blown away by this E-20d.  The finish and playability is incredible.  It is perfect in every way.  It is right on par with guitars 5 times the price.  And the sound is unbelievable.  It is 4 times the guitar my 1964 Martin was.  The best sounding guitar I have ever played is a 1997 D-41 my friend has and this Eastman sounds just as good if not better.  And mine is still green!!  His didn’t start sounding good until about 4 years after he got it.  I really couldn’t be happier with the guitar.  Thanks again and when I need something else I’ll be hollering at you." -Jason S., Bluff City, Tennessee

Troy K.
with his
New Eastman T185MX

Veigh and Kaye L.
with their
Martin Backpacker

"The mandolin was delivered in good shape yesterday. The sound is great and I have been enjoying playing it. Thank you for your good service and great price. I will recommend you to anyone that asks  and when I am ready to move up to a better mandolin I will give you a call." -Mike P., Amherst, Ohio

"I researched banjos, and wanted to spend less than 1k.  I found that for the buck, the Gold Tone BG250F is quite a value.  In my search, I found Ron's Pickin' Parlor.

This banjo sings and growls, just like people said.  They had the best price, so I ordered one.  It arrived perfectly in tune, with the action that I wanted.  I also got the light weight gig bag, sturdy and durable.

Ronnie's charm made me wish I could be his neighbor, but alas, opposite coast.

This will be the last banjo I'll ever need." -Frank D., Eugene, Oregon

Jeff M.
with his
Sullivan V35 Mahogany

"Just letting you know the Vintage 35 is great. The day I brought it home I played it several hours,  it seemed to get better right before my ears and been getting better ever since.  I love just about everything about it.  It seems to fit me like a glove. Of course the sound is great and it has power to spare.  I am convinced that it has improved my playing ability by increasing my confidence.  I certainly would recommend this banjo for anyone considering a serious, professional banjo. 

As always, it is a pleasure dealing with you." -Jeff M., China Grove, North Carolina

Glenn H.
with his
New Engelhardt EM1

"I knew after my first phone conversation with Ronnie that I would be buying my Upright Bass from Ron’s Pickin Parlor.  A couple days after that phone conversion I stopped by his shop and he spent over an hour answer all my questions, demonstrating the Upright Bass and also playing along with me,  teaching me the differences between the Upright and the Electric Bass.   The day I picked it up Ronnie spent over an hour again playing along with me making sure the Bass was set up right and sounding good for me. Long story short I drove 3.5 hours one way to  purchase an Upright Bass from Ron’s Pickin' Parlor and could not be happier.   Not only did I purchase a wonderful Upright Bass but also found a friend.  Thanks Ronnie." -Glenn H., Beulaville, North Carolina

Below is a copy of a letter Lynn Greene sent to Sullivan Banjo Company after purchasing his banjo from Ron's Pickin' Parlor.

Ryan L.
with his
New Deering Eagle II

Lynn Greene
with his
New Sullivan V-35 Maple

"I found Ron's Pickin' Parlor on the internet and was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of the actual guitar I was considering buying (a Blueridge BR60-AS).   I emailed the store about buying it and Ron quoted me a great price which included a really nice hard shell case and a set of new strings.  He gave me a choice of light or medium gauge strings, had the guitar set up with the light ones, and then promptly shipped the guitar UPS just like he'd explained.  It was a great buying experience!  When I'm ready to buy my dream guitar (a Collings D2H) I'll be buying it from Ron." -John R., Mountain View, California

"My experience with Ron's Pickin' Parlor was excellent!  Ron helped me select the right guitar for my daughter with attention to every detail, right down to the color of the strap.   He was able to get the guitar to me within a few days.  Unfortunately, UPS handled it a bit roughly and it arrived damaged.  Ronnie immediately followed up and arranged for a return pick up the next day.  Within a week we had a brand new replacement.  I would not hesitate to recommend Ron's Pickin' Parlor to anyone.  Great people & great customer service." -Bryna R., Chapel Hill, NC

"I purchased my Eastman Guitar from Ron’s Pickin’ Parlor.  Shopping at Ron’s was a great experience.  Competitive pricing and a good selection of instruments was what drew me there and friendly, knowledgeable service was what made me glad I came." -Brad H., Kings Mountain, NC

Tucker G.
with his
New Blueridge BR 40

R. Snow.
with his
New Collings MF Honey Amber Mandolin

Erroll M.
with his
New Eastman AC 120

Having not played in about 40+ years, I decided to start again.  After checking on-line for a mandolin, I came upon Ron's Pickin' Parlor website.  I then made a visit to Ron's shop since it was close to where I live.  Upon meeting and talking with Ron, I could tell Ron knew his instruments and music.  Ron spent time showing me the Eastman mandolins and I decided to buy an Eastman 815 (a very fine instrument).  I later bought a Walden guitar for my granddaughter and an Eastman AC 512 guitar for myself.  About 2 years later on Eastman's website, I discovered the T185MX electric guitar.  I ended up buying one from Ron.  This guitar is not only pretty but has great sound and quality workmanship.  The guitar is even better than the Gibson ES-339 in my opinion.  Thank you for helping me so many times and being a new friend.  I highly recommend your shop for someone looking for high quality instruments!! -Troy K., Concord, NC

"The mandolin arrived on 12/23 without any problems. Jeff was really surprised and loves his gift!! Thanks for you great customer service! Happy New Year." -Cherri K., Madison, Indiana

Bill L.
with his
New Collings D2HA

Kent M.
with his
New Weissenborn LM

"The mandolin arrived in excellent condition this afternoon. Thank you so much for your prompt service and the UPS notifications.  I can't wait to see Sarah's eyes light up on Christmas morning!!!

God bless you and Merry Christmas!" -Lynda M., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fred D.
with his

New Deering Sierra Banjo

The Bluegrass Banjo Bug, an aggressive species indigenous to North Carolina, actually bit me a long time ago but until recently I had put off trying to scratch the itch.  I finally decided if I'm ever going to achieve my goal of playing a bluegrass banjo, now is the time; so, I made myself a commitment and got started.  

My online research for a good quality American-made instrument and some basic lessons led me to an old friend of mine, John Atwater, who just happens to be a banjo instructor.  After listening to my "bucket list" story, John referred me to Ronnie Hatley, owner of Ron’s Pickin’ Parlor in Stanfield, North Carolina.  I called Ronnie, introduced myself, and told him about my interest.  He scheduled a private appointment for me and after I arrived, spent a couple of hours outfitting me with the perfect instrument and accessories.  Ronnie's professional approach and expertise in helping me get started was amazing.  You just can’t find any better personal service than Ronnie provides.  His heart is definitely in the right place.  The six hour round trip from Raleigh, NC was well worth it and I came home with a beautiful Deering Sierra… !  It’s a nice ‘un … 

If you’re in the market for a Bluegrass instrument call or email Ronnie.  He’ll do ya right! -Fred D., Raleigh, NC

"I received the guitar today. I let it go through the warm up process,first the box and then the guitar in case, I couldn't hardly wait to get a peek at that instrument; but when I opened the case... I said WOW!!!!!, then I checked it all over, everything seemed to be fine,What a beautiful instrument!!!

Then I tuned it up, it was  like.. DOUBLE WOW!!! What an awesome sound, good low end, a real nice high end with lots of power and projection, I love it, can't wait until it gets broken in and add to the sound! Thanks Ron, I am well pleased." -Merle S., New Brunswick, Canada

"Thank you so much for your help with my banjo purchase.  I am so far very pleased. I appreciate your authenticity and honesty when suggesting and assessing instruments. You do a great job in assuring confidence and support in instrument selection, and I would like to thank you for that. I will get back to you soon for some spikes!" Zach L., Charlotte, North Carolina

Kimberly G.
with her
  Eastman MD815 Classic

Bailey C.
with his
New Collings MF Honey Amber

McCarter H.
with her
New Walden P5

This is just a follow up note to tell you how much I love the Collings D1SB you sold me. Throughout all your supportive discussions which helped me in my selection, your careful shipping, and diligent follow-up, I could not imagine better customer service. This beautiful guitar got shipped coast to coast and arrived at its new home in pristine condition. I probably spent eight months searching for this particular instrument, knowing that I was unlikely to run across it at a retailer near me. I'm so happy I chose to buy it from you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  -Jack K., Sunny Southern California

Ron....  I have one word for you.  Wow!!  That might possibly be the nicest playing / sounding guitar I've ever played.  It's beautiful too.  The action is just right by me.  Excellent.  Strings are still getting stretched out and in tune, but wow.  I sat down and played last night till my fingers were actually getting sore.  I’m super happy with it.  I'll give you a call later today.  Thanks for all you did.  I will recommend you to all my guitar playing buddies.  You certainly did right by me.  Thank you again.  Talk soon.  -Mike S., Warren, Pennsylvania

Just a great experience dealing with Ron! I live in the Denver, CO area and have been to all the local shops but none had what I wanted in a banjo. I’d also been researching the internet for quite a while when I stumbled onto Ron’s Pickin Parlor late on a Saturday night. There it was, what I had been looking for. I contacted Ron Monday morning but it was gone… However, he sent me pictures of another banjo not listed yet. It was perfect, a really nice Goldstar GF85. Well, this happened when we were all in a deep freeze. Ron went above and beyond to make sure it shipped in a window of tolerable weather between NC and CO. I’m happily playing a great instrument I’ll enjoy for years. Thanks Ron!

Dan M. – Littleton, Colorado