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4961 Rushing Rd
Stanfield NC 28163

    Not only do we offer fine quality instruments, but we have a lesson program that we feel is second to none. We offer one on one private lessons here in our studios from our instructors on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Voice, and other instruments. We specialize teaching in a Bluegrass, Gospel and Country style. If you are local, within driving distance, and are interested in lessons, please contact us by email or phone and we will be glad to  tell you about our lesson program. Also if you are unsure which instrument is right for you, we will be glad to sit down with you one on one and demonstrate all the instruments to you, let you hold them, hear them, and help you to make the choice that is best suited for you.  We do not have a set criteria on the starting age of a student, we currently have students age ranging from 4 to 92. All you need is a desire to play an instrument or sing and you are on your way.


If you are interested in purchasing your first or additional instrument we will be glad to help you make an informed decision. We offer quality instruments from a beginners instrument, all the way up to a high quality American made Collings, Sullivan or Deering Instruments. We will be glad to demonstrate them and explain the differences between the different levels and price ranges. If you are thinking about purchasing an extremely cheap instrument from somewhere else to start off with, before you do, please make an appointment for us to explain the difference between a quality low priced instrument and one that is so cheaply made that it actually discourages you from learning. Also for those wishing to learn on their own we offer a good selection of instructional books and videos.